Watch The Forward 2018 sizzle reel

The entire video catalog for Forward KC is now located on our VIMEO site.

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- The move to Vimeo is an UPGRADE, because now you can stream at a higher quality, and even download your videos! You can also now purchase just the videos you want to see, a la carte, but of course you’ll want them all!

- You can purchase the videos in our FTCA store here on the website, or directly from the Vimeo page.

Video 1:  Crushing It With Chiropractic Research - Jeff Langmaid DC

Video 2:  Scaling and Evidence Based Practice - Brandon Steele DC

Video 3:  Designing a Rehab Plan Based on Motor Control Assessment - Benjamin Fergus DC

Video 4:  Foot Orthotic Dispensing and Lower Extremity Biomechanics - David Wedemeyer DC

Video 5:  Functional Evaluation of the Lower Extremities - Howard Fidler DC

Video 6:  Chiropractic, Our Rational Scope and Our Specialties - Leonard Faye DC

Video 7:  Forward KC Keynote - If You Don't Assess It Is Just a Guess - Greg Rose DC

Video 8:  Forward Thinking Radiology - Cliff Tao DC

Video 9:  Got Documentation? - Gregg Friedman DC

Video 10:  Management of Shoulder Tendinopathy Using the FAKTR Rehab System - Todd Riddle DC

Video 11:  Functional Assessment and Rehab Part 1 - Josh Satterlee DC and Jason Hulme DC

Video 12:  Functional Assessment and Rehab Part 2 - Josh Satterlee DC and Jason Hulme DC

Video 13:  Forward Thinking Student Panel

Video 14:  Modern Media Marketing - Kevin Christie DC and Blake Kalkstein DC