As science advances, PUBLIC tolerance for strange CHIROPRACTIC ideas is on the decline.

Our FTCA members are breaking barriers and advancing how chiropractors take care of patients. We believe evidence-based care is the only way forward for the chiropractic profession.

WOULDN’T BE great to know that your chiropractor Is:


Committed To The Best Evidence

We are evidence-based chiropractors who use modern tools and research that are proven to get results for our patients.


Is Focussed Entirely On Your Results

Recovery is our focus, not making as much money as possible. Patients get treatment for as long or as little as they want with no long-term contracts.


In Partnership With The Medical Community

We collaborate with other hard-working evidence-based doctors who want what’s best for anyone who is suffering.


People LIVING WITH Pain Deserve The Best Possible Care

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With its focus on treating the injury at the source, our chiropractors use the best in modern research to help you make a full recovery.

You always get the right treatment plan design just for you. We know that if chiropractic care is not the best solution, we happily refer you to another doctor in the medical field.


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