Members Only Podcast - New Doc "Quickstart"

Join me and Dr. Brandon Langerude as we discuss some specific tactics to get a young doc started off quick in the realm of getting new patients into their fledgeling practice.  We discuss issues related to prospecting and relationship style marketing, which sometimes is the more applicable (and more affordable) approach for a new doc who hits the ground running.

FORWARD KC - Let's Start With "Why?"

The first annual convention of the Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance is taking place at Cleveland University Chiropractic College June 1-3, 2018. For those who don't know what the FTCA "is" or why it should even have an event, I have prepared a primer. After all, we must have, and start with a "why" if we are to go anywhere. So let us proceed.

Why is there a Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance?

Mechanical Assessment Pyramid - Dr. Dino Pappas

In musculoskeletal medicine, lack of standardization is rampant. Ask several different professionals and they'll have different diagnoses, different treatment plans and different techniques/methods to treat patients. This begs the question of do you have ways and what are those ways of processing the exam data to obtain clinical success with patients and outstanding, rapidly-reproducible outcomes?

The following video covers the approach that I like to use. It isn't the only and maybe not the best way, but it's a systematized way to help me sift through the data to help generate outstanding, rapid and reproducible outcomes. What is your approach?

Dr. Dino Pappas


TORs Do (Some) Things Right - Mike Stanley DC

It would be advantageous for us, as progressive chiropractors, to recognize those things and re-engineer them into our evidence based practices.  As we move forward, it is important to define who and what we are as the chiropractors of the future, and dwell on or center our language on what we are NOT.  Dr. Mike Stanley understands this, and he expands upon it in the following blog entry.

Our Hybrid Model of Healthcare

I am a chiropractor, and I own my own clinic.

I am a strength coach, and I own my own gym.

I am a business owner, and I recognize the limits of each of those practices. And, in all three of those capacities, I am a witness to the changing landscape in healthcare, which is being reshaped due to changes in law, repayments and consumer desires.

But out of this chaos I think I’ve come up with a hybrid healthcare idea that makes perfect sense for me and my clients, and I think it can make sense for you, too.

Custom Foot Orthoses

Chiropractic doctors see a variety of patients and complaints in daily practice and we offer highly beneficial treatment and care to the patients who seek our services. The majority of that care is focused on the spine, although we encounter a good deal of extremity complaints as well. The foot and ankle are an often overlooked etiology of many common complaints and training in this area and especially custom foot orthoses, is entirely lacking.

Corporate Spotlight: David Wedemeyer and Solelutions Orthotic Lab

Corporate Spotlight: David Wedemeyer and Solelutions Orthotic Lab

We are extremely excited about this post because it's our first ever Corporate Spotlight!

Dr. David Wedemeyer of Wedemeyer Chiropractic and Orthotics AND Solelutions Orthotic Lab has become the first corporate sponsor of the Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance.  Dr. Wedemeyer is located in Costa Mesa, California and is a Cleveland Chiropractic College - Los Angeles graduate.  To learn more about his view, experience, and sponsorship, keep reading!

Ego - A Rant

We have members who have been “in the field” for decades.  We have researchers who have worked on the newest and best methods known to chiropractic practice.  We have business owners who operate million dollar clinics.  We have students who have learned the best methods, as refined over years of practice.  We have new doctors who are learning new methods as you read this.