FTCA Podcast #7 - ZDoggMD - Healthcare 3.0

What a blast of a podcast!  Dr. Damania (ZDoggMD) blends humor with education to fulfill the mission of changing the healthcare landscape.  This was an interesting podcast in that not only did I interview ZDogg, but ZDogg turned around and interviewed me!  I think what we have discovered through our conversation is that it is time for ALL of us to get on board with "Medicine 3.0", and that it is high time for "Chiropractic 3.0".

Please support ZDogg's mission to make healthcare better FOR ALL and check him out at http://zdoggmd.com.

FYI, the 2008 Research work I mentioned concerning chiropractic and stroke (or lack of correlation between the two) can be found here:  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2271108/

FTCA Podcast #5 - Kevin Christie DC - Modern Marketing

Dr. Kevin, as I mention in the brief intro, is a man with many irons in the fire.  First and foremost, he runs the Modern Chiropractic Marketing Facebook Group, which you should join.  He is also the Corporate Chiropractor (thecorporatechiro.com), runs his own chiropractic practice in Boca Raton, Florida, and has two podcasts; The Modern Chiropractic Marketing Podcast (www.modernchiropracticmarketing.com), and the Modern Desk Jockey podcast.  Phew

Enjoy the show.  I know I did!

FTCA Podcast #4 - Jeff Langmaid DC - The Evidence Based Chiropractor

Dr. Langmaid brings the heat.  The evidence based heat.  Jeff is always offering great insight, always on task and focused on his mission at hand.  But in this podcast I get a chance to slow him down and ask him his opinions on the state of the profession.  It's just an overall great conversation (in my humble opinion) with someone who is fearlessly making a difference for the better in our profession.

As well, in the BLOG section of the FTCA website, we go even deeper into a part 2 conversation with Dr. Langmaid that you won't want to miss.  That's for members only though, so if you're not a member, you'll want to join us for a listen.  This one podcast alone should be worth your price of admission.

Check Dr. Langmaid out at:


FTCA Podcast #3 - Gregg Friedman DC - Documentation Megastar

Dr. Friedman joins us for our third episode of the FTCA podcast.  What a gem.  I had a great time hearing Dr. Greg weave stories of documentation delight.  Don't roll your eyes at the subject, because Gregg makes it entertaining!  Must listen.  Enjoy!

Don't forget to catch Gregg at one of his seminars which you can find at www.gotdocumentation.com

Gregg will also be speaking at FORWARD - KC, The first annual convention of the Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance, June 1-3 2018.  www.forwardthinkingchiro.com