Forward KC 2018 Video


Forward KC 2018 Video

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Order your copy of FORWARD KC, 2018's first ever annual convention.  

This is the event that turned the chiropractic profession on its ear.

If you want a keepsake of FORWARD KC, this is it!

Video features:

Jeff Langmaid DC - Crushing It With Chiropractic Research
Brandon Steele DC - Scaling and Evidence Based Practice
Howard Fidler DC - Extremity Adjusting
Benjamin Fergus DC - Motor Control Assessment
David Wedemeyer DC - Foot Orthotics and Lower Extremity Biomechanics
Cliff Tao DC - Forward Thinking Radiology
Leonard Faye DC - Chiropractic Scope
Greg Rose DC - If You Don’t Assess its Just a Guess
Todd Riddle DC - Redefine Your Rehab: Shoulder Tendinopathies
Gregg Friedmann DC - Got Documentation
Jason Hulme DC and Josh Satterlee DC - Functional Assessment and Rehab
Kevin Christie DC and Blake Kalkstien DC - Modern Media Marketing
Michael Massey DC - Demystifying Medicare
Brandie Nemchenko DC - Evidence Based Pediatrics and Pregnancy

A must own!

Yes, I want my copy!

Full video of the entire FORWARD KC weekend.  See our link for all the great speakers and topics you will have access to!  Three full days all in one package!!event/2018/6/1/forward-kc