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Your FTCA, in your back yard

FTCA Local Chapters allow DC, DC Students, and other professionals in a local area to meet, network, and socialize. With a light structure and guidance, we ensure that your local chapters are a rewarding experience and enhance your career.

Fun, enriching, simple

We make starting and participating in local chapters an easy process, especially if you are already an FTCA member. All you have to do is participate! Scroll down for more information on how to start, or participate in, a local chapter.


Starting a chapter

We want chapters that are impactful, and self sustaining over time. So we’ve made a few guidelines before you can start one. If you would like to start a chapter in your local area, please send an email to forwardthinkingchiro@gmail.com.

Joining a chapter

Would you like to join a local FTCA chapter? If so, sign up for more info HERE.

Do you want to know what chapters are already up and running, click here.