FTCA - Forward 2019

Rise UP!

September 20-22, Logan University


Our Events Facebook page is HERE and has more information, videos, and other goodies to keep you up to date.


3 days of career changing speakers, events, and networking.

Up to 20 hours of high quality continuing education. (Based on Forward 2018 hours)

Social events galore!


  • Gray Cook PT - “A Systematic Approach to Clinical Decision-Making - Why Some Correctives Work and Others Don't”

  • Greg Kawchuk DC PhD - “Putting the ACT in chiroprACTic”

  • Christine Goertz DC PhD - “Implementing the American College of Physician’s Guideline for Low Back Pain:  Building an Evidence-Based Case for Chiropractic “

  • Brett Winchester DC -

  • Annie O’Connor PT - 2 presentations -

    Saturday Lecture: 
    "Pain Mechanism Classification translates Pain Science Education into Clinical Practice" 

    Sunday Workshop: 
    "Words can Hurt, Harm and Heal. Learn the pain science education that can heal Pain Mechanisms"

  • Brandon Steele DC - “Thinking Sideways: Why Divergent Thoughts Will Lead To Innovation In Healthcare”

  • Kevin Christie DC and Mr. Jon Morrison - “Modern Marketing In The Trenches: What To Do To Start Making A Bigger Impact Right Now”

  • Aaron Welk DC DACBR - “Imaging of Upper Extremity Athletic Injuries”

  • Mr. Todd Hargrove - “Insights on Pain and Movement from the Feldenkrais Method”

  • Gregg Friedman DC and Michael Massey DC

  • Jason Hulme DC - “Refining the Evidence Informed Practice”

  • Ryan DeBell DC

  • Ross Mattox DC, Dan Haun DC, DACBR, and Pat Battaglia DC, DACBR - “Musculoskeletal Diagnostic Ultrasound for the Practicing Chiropractor”

    And many, many more!


  • Friday “TED Talks” - Fast paced and interesting presentations by speakers offering interesting viewpoints and perspectives of our profession.

  • Kick off Cocktail Party - Follows the “TED Talks” on Friday evening. Socializing and refreshment to start the weekend right.

  • Student Exposition - Saturday’s Student Exposition is a conference within a conference for chiropractic students. Specific speakers, content, and even a preceptor/job fair for student attendees!

  • Multiple events with vendors - Coffee breaks, a hands on demo zone, and a good ole time with out dedicated sponsors.

  • The “Clinical Jazz Lounge” - Clinical Jazz, made famous by Professor Stuart McGill. We’re going to put a condition on the board, a bunch of clinicians in a room, and everyone can play “Jazz” with their best ways to approach managing it.

Dr. Dale Thompson’s “DCs2Be”

  • Dr. Thompson has proposed a scholarship to allow students to attend Forward 19.

  • If you would like to help more students attend the event, your donations will be greatly appreciated. Each donation received will be matched 100% by the FTCA, doubling the amount of students who can attend.

  • The FTCA EPIC Team Leaders will be the judges of scholarship winners. And the entry requirements for students will be made known far and wide.

  • Students who wish to attend should prepare their travel planning. The opportunity for a scholarship is not guaranteed. The best way to guarantee admission is to purchase a ticket in advance.