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Corporate Spotlight: David Wedemeyer and Solelutions Orthotic Lab

Corporate Spotlight: David Wedemeyer and Solelutions Orthotic Lab

We are extremely excited about this post because it's our first ever Corporate Spotlight!

Dr. David Wedemeyer of Wedemeyer Chiropractic and Orthotics AND Solelutions Orthotic Lab has become the first corporate sponsor of the Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance.  Dr. Wedemeyer is located in Costa Mesa, California and is a Cleveland Chiropractic College - Los Angeles graduate.  To learn more about his view, experience, and sponsorship, keep reading!

Member Spotlight: Gitte Tønner


Gitte Tønner is a 2004 University of Southern Denmark graduate who has been keeping herself busy since entering the profession. Within two months of graduation, Gitte was moved and starting practice in the Netherlands. 

Gitte believes in the use of any modality she can rationally justify to get her patients better in the short term and healthier in the long run. She endeavors to run an ethical practice. To her, this means informing people in what she does, meaning working with their GPs or specialist when deemed necessary and that if her patients wish to work towards longer term results, she'll then talk posture, exercise, diet and supplementation.

Member Spotlight: Joshua Lederman DC, MS, ART, NRCME

Dr. Joshua Lederman is a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician in Illinois, has a Masters of Science in Sports Science and Rehabilitation degree, is Full Body Certified in Active Release Techniques (ART®), is an IronMan® Proud Partner, is a National Registry Certified Medical Examiner, and as if that wasn't enough is certified in Selective Functional Movement Assessment - Level 1.  His mission is to provide the highest quality, patient-centered, outcomes-based healthcare.